Considering HomeBRIDGE? Follow these steps!

Please note. HomeBRIDGE IS a homeschooling option within the Juneau School District for families who want to homeschool their children. It is not a short-term or temporary solution for addressing current issues in the neighborhood schools related to COVID.

1. READ the HomeBRIDGE Handbook! The first 15 pages will answer MOST of your questions.

2. Complete the HomeBRIDGE enrollment forms found in the REGISTRATION block below.

3. If you are NEW to the Juneau School District, you'll also need to complete the JSD registration forms. They are also found in the REGISTRATION block.

4. Send those forms to HomeBRIDGE. Email is best. PDF format (NOT photos) with ALL pages in one document is preferred.

Don't know how to scan and email with your smart phone? Search on YouTube for your phone type. It's easy and a useful skill to have.

Alternatively, you may fax the forms (523.1829) or drop them by the HomeBRIDGE office located in the Marie Drake building. You can also mail them but PLEASE note: our mailing address is NOT the same as our physical address. Our mailing address is the standard JSD mailing address.

5. HomeBRIDGE staff will email you confirmation of receipt for those forms and a HomeBRIDGE Advisory Teacher will be assigned to you and included on that email.

The advisory teacher will contact you about meeting to discuss your student's learning plan for the year. If you don't hear from us within a couple of days, please feel free to reach out.

6. Meetings with K-8 students will result in the creation of an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). You can come to your meeting with a draft ILP already prepared or you can create one with your advisory teacher. Please have an idea as to what classes/subjects your student will be studying this year. If your student wants to take classes at their neighborhood school (one of the perks of HomeBRIDGE) you need to contact THAT school to get approval and signed up. The classes at the neighborhood schools are limited to 90 minutes per day for K-5 students and up to 2 classes for 6-8 students for a full allotment or 3 classes for 75% of your allotment. Once your ILP is signed and on file, your allotment funds will be available for use. Please note that your students' ILP is a fluid document and can be amended throughout the year. What is on your ILP informs us as to what purchases are eligible for reimbursement.

7. Meetings with high school students will include their neighborhood counselor (in most cases) and will result in the completion of a High School Course form. It will outline what classes (if any, up to 2 for full allotment, 3 for 75% allotment) your student will take at their neighborhood high school and the courses being taken through HomeBRIDGE. Once we have that form your allotment funds are available for use.

8. Your job as parents is to support your student and be mindful of deadlines for submitting quarterly reports, grades and progress reports and reimbursements. In addition, staying up on HomeBRIDGE news through our bi-monthly newsletters is also a helpful and aids in alleviating confusion about HomeBRIDGE happenings and deadlines.

As always, you can call if other questions arise or if you need personal assistance.

Have a great year!

Your HomeBRIDGE Team

Welcome to HomeBRIDGE!


HomeBRIDGE is open for registration for the 2021-2022 school year. You may find registration packets Registration Documents window.

If you are NEW to the District, we require BOTH District and HomeBRIDGE Registration forms. If you are currently enrolled in the Juneau School District we only require the HomeBRIDGE Registration forms. If you are completing both sets of forms, we only require ONE Form A.

Please familiarize yourself with the HomeBRIDGE Handbook. This will answer many of your questions regarding how HomeBRIDGE works and what to do.

You'll find contact information on the documents or under the STAFF tab on this page.

Students who enroll by October 22 receive a full allotment:

$2,600 for grades K - 8 students

$3,000 for high school students.

We look forward to having you be a part of the HomeBRIDGE family!